Joel-Peter Witkin (2)

September 13, 1939. Brooklyn, New York City.

Woman with small breasts. Paris, 2007

The beginning of fashion in Paris. 2007

The raft of George W Bush. 2006

The red table, the skull of Boldini. 2006

Severed leg weathervane. 2004

Still life with breast. 2001

The Aleph. 2001

Studio. Berlin, 1998

Shoe, hat and eggs. 1999

Poussin in hell. Paris, 1999

Interrupted reading. Paris, 1999

Humor and fear. New Mexico, 1999

Female King. New Mexico, 1997

Countessa de Montblanc. 2006

Corpus Medius. 2000

A day in the country. Berlin, 1998
See also: Joel-Peter Witkin (1)


Anonymous said...

Qué provocador

Anonymous said...

شكرا على المعلومات العظيمة! لن لقد اكتشفت هذا خلاف ذلك!

José Luis Galiano said...